Titania wrestler 

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A powerful Lady of sport and a professional powerlifter. 168 cm 85 kg. Competitive wrestling and Lift And carry sessions. 

This athlete has repeatedly captivated audiences by moving heavy vehicles. She moved two trams (with passengers inside) weighing 36 tons in Irkutsk, an Mi-8 helicopter weighing 8.6 tons in Tyumen, and a KamAZ truck in Ulan-Ude.  

One of the latest feats of this Super-woman was to hold two 200-horsepower Kawasaki motorcycles travelling in opposite directions for a full 60 seconds!

Титания - мастер спорта международного уровня по пауэрлифтингу, обладательница нескольких силовых рекордов. 168 см 85 кг. Соревновательная микс борьба и Lift and carry. 

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